Community Rescue Mission is a non-profit, faith-based organization that provides safe shelter, meals, and needed support to help people get back on their feet as quickly as possible.  We've been operating since 1981.  When people come to our door, most are broken and in crisis with no place to call home.  Imagine how you would feel if you did not know where you would lay your head tonight nor from where your next meal would come.  Multiply those concerns several times over if you had children in tow.  Whatever the circumstance, we are here to instill hope and empower lives while offering Christ-like hospitality and care.

It is important to note that Community Rescue Mission receives ZERO dollars from city, state, federal, or any government entity. We DO NOT receive funding from the United Way. We are completely supported by your generous contributions.

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Our Story

The Turning Point Before the Grand Plan...

As a young man, I was living in Abilene, Texas trying to get started in the oil business and learn it from inside out. I was surrounded by seasoned oil men, formidable competitors, with little thought there could be room for a green horn like me. Times were tough and we were barely getting by. Anyone who has started a business from scratch knows those first years are a challenge at best.

My wife and I were invited to attend an Ashram in Kerrville, Texas. I had no idea what to expect and I wasn't even sure I should take the time to go. A scholarship made it possible for us to take the 199-mile trip from Abilene to Kerrville for the weeklong Ashram. That was the first time I heard E. Stanley Jones preach...

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Your financial support will enable us to never turn any family away because of limited resources. There are many worthy causes in our community, but when you make a gift to Community Rescue Mission, you can be confident it is widely used toward your intended purpose.

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Citygate Network Member

City Gate Network

Community Rescue Mission is a member of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. To learn more about Citygate, visit their website by clicking the button below.

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Campus Renovations

Campus Renovations

We are renovating our family shelter. Phase one has recently been completed. To learn more, click the button below.

Campus Renovations

Heather Sanders

Executive Director


Jeannie Newton

Program Director

Family Section Case Manager


Shanelle Livingston

Intake Coordinator


Board Members

City Christian Fellowship – Bill Stuckey
Covenant Presbyterian Church – Cheryl Cole
Evangel Temple – Charlie Murphy
First Lutheran Church – Brenda Acord
First Presbyterian Church – Dr. Mike Thames
First United Methodist Church - Marlin Fretheim
Goddard United Methodist Church - Mike Mankin
Grace Community Church – Kathleen Halliburton
Harvest Time Tabernacle – Zach Bettencourt
New Life Church – Michelle Vest
St. John’s Episcopal Church – Grant Purdy
St. Luke Lutheran Church - Debbie Andrews Kraus
St. Paul United Methodist Church – Charles "Tiny" Muehe
Ss. George & Alexandra Orthodox Christian Church – Fr. John Maxwell
Wesley United Methodist Church – Norma Strang
Central Christian Church-Bill Fink
Immaculate Conception - Ron Haines

At Large Directors – Bert Lewis, Mike Miller, Garry Peevy, Jeanne Carroll, Phil White

Ex-Officio: Linda Billingsley, Robert E. Miller, Harley Strang, Ken Wallace


ABC Block
ad Chicken
Arkansas Refrigerated Services
Imperial Building
Zero Mountain

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