How Do People Become Homeless?

Poverty from a lack of jobs at competitive living wages.

Disparity between housing costs and minimum wage, public supports, or earned benefits.

Lack of affordable transportation

Lack of affordable housing and inadequate housing assistance

Lack of affordable health care

Domestic Violence

Inadequate support for mental health and substance use challenges

The lives of children and families are further devastated when Mom nor Dad cannot find a job. In a climate where unemployment rates are high, the number of children and families who are homeless increases.

That is where Community Rescue Mission comes in; our focus is to provide safe shelter and meals for children and families who are temporarily homeless. We keep the children active and in school during this family crisis, while we enable families get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

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From Our Case Manager...

Katy came to us seeking shelter in September.  Her eyes were lifeless.  She was depressed, discouraged and felt hopeless.  Because of years of substance abuse, she was now in drug court, and had lost her home and her relationship with her daughter.  Just before she came she found employment working second shift at a plant in Ft. Smith.  We met weekly and began to set goals she wanted to meet and talk through her struggles of the loss she had experienced.  Slowly she began to believe that the Lord was walking with her through every step of this process.  With each goal that she met, her face brightened and we could see her gaining confidence about her future.  Because she was at CRM, she knew she was safe. She was free from the worry of paying for rent and food and saved her paychecks so she could achieve her biggest goal of transitioning to her own apartment.  Last week she moved to her new residence.  Her eyes, so lifeless when we first met, were now full of anticipation, hope and joy.  Before she left, Katy was able to express her deep gratitude for the ministry of CRM and the role it played in her recovery and the new life she is now able to enjoy! 

Stories From Those We've Helped

K.H. Age 41

"I came here scared to death, because I have never been homeless, and did not know what to expect.  I believe God brought me here.  The staff and volunteers here are amazing.  With other residents, we are an adopted family so to speak.  We take care of each other as best we can.  I have never felt such overwhelming love in a community.  Thank you for your love and support of Community Rescue Mission."

S.C. Age 30

"At my lowest time, I found loving, accepting, caring people who welcomed me in with encouragement.  They gave me hope and brought me closer to God."

E.H. Age 29

"I was so scared, when I came to the Mission.  The Mission saved my life, and helped me look to God to save my soul.  You have truly helped us take a step forward." 

J.C. Age 53

"The Mission has given me a chance to start again, but this time I feel I can achieve more than I ever thought possible.  I have set several goals since arriving here at The Mission: 1) Get my Indian Card, 2) Learn to read and write better, 3) Find affordable housing.  Because of The Mission, and its staff, I feel I can achieve these goals with the Lord's help!" 

T.M. Age 50

"I have truly been blessed by everyone here.  God has carried me here to reunite me in faith, hope, honesty, peace, and love.  God has opened my eyes and humbled me." 

T.D. Age 29

"The Mission is a safe-haven to cope with all of my problems and transform them with solutions and better myself as a mom.  The staff treats us with respect, not as inferiors.  I never feel 'talked at' or 'talked down to.'  The Mission is not just a place to sleep, eat, and shower.  It is helping me step up the ladder, instead of shaking it while I climb!"

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