Instilling Hope; Empowering Lives
Welcome to Community Rescue Mission

Community Rescue Mission is a not-for-profit, faith-based organization that provides safe shelter, meals, and needed support to help people get back on their feet as quickly as possible.  When people come to our door, most are broken and in crisis with no place to call home.  Imagine how you would feel if you did not know where you would lay your head tonight nor from where your next meal would come.  Multiply those concerns several times over if you had children in tow.  Whatever the circumstance, we are here to instill hope and empower lives while offering Christ-like hospitality and care.

    APPLES ON A              MISSION   

Thanks to you and others, we have provided food and shelter for 34,582 men, women, and children through the sale of over 10, 098 boxes of apples since 1994.

How many boxes of apples can we deliver to you this year?

  1. 1 box of apples provides food and shelter for a little over 3 people.
  2. $50 for 113 Gala apples.
  3. These apples are different.  They instill hope and empower lives.
  4. These are golden rule apples.  They give unto others.
  5. Give a crate of apples to honor a parent, child, neighbor or friend and we will send an acknowledgement note to the person you are honoring.
  6. Multiply your apple power, give the apples you purchase to back to CRM for holiday cooking.
  7. A crate of apples makes a great gift for family, employees and friends.
  8. With the purchase of 1 box of apples, you could shelter and feed a little over 3 people.  Two boxes of apples could shelter over 6 people.

November 28th is Giving Tuesday.  You don't have to wait for it to count toward this special event.  Give with confidence that your gift will provide shelter, hot meals, and help for families and children to get back on their feet.  Click the button below to give now

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We need your financial support to enable us to never turn any family away because of limited resources to provide for them.  There are many worthy causes in our community, but when you make a gift to Community Rescue Mission, you can be confident it is widely used toward your intended purpose.

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